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Watch Dr. TAKIDA


Watch Dr. TAKIDA


In July 2003, we opened Kyoto for the first time as a “watch repair shop” in Kyoto as “Concept of showing the site of repair when repairing a watch of customer’s most memorable occasions” Whats wrong? We will respond to the disassembly and cleaning of the wristwatch and the disassembly and cleaning of the wristwatch / clockwatch from the casual repair such as battery exchange and length adjustment of the band. Business trip repair such as Hall clock is also possible. Among them, you can watch the video of the battery exchange enlarged with the microscope on the TV monitor of the in-store waiting room live. We received a lot of impressions, “It is not just to open the lid and replace the batteries with battery replacement.” It is also possible to see the repair of an important memorable watch on the glass Yue. Please do not hesitate to contact us as it is possible only by consultation.




しっしん・にきび・みずむし など ご相談下さい。
男性医師・女性医師 2人で診療しています。

Please consult about shiss, acne, linger and others.
We also do dermatological practice such as atopic dermatitis, athlete’s foot, warts etc., chemical peeling, vitamin C ion introduction also.
Monday to Saturday from 9 o’clock to 13 o’clock
Night examination: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 16 o’clock to 19 o’clock
Male doctor and female doctor treat you with 2 people.