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Watch Dr. TAKIDA

Watch Dr. TAKIDA.

Watch Dr. TAKIDA

I made the open “of showing you the site of the occasion and the repairing by which I think out and repair a fullness clock where a customer is important, concept” in July, 2003 for the first time as “repairing speciality store of a clock” in Kyoto. It corresponds from casual repairing of a battery exchange and a length adjustment of a band to resolution cleaning of a wristwatch and resolution cleaning of a table clock and a clock. The business trip repairing of a hole clock is also possible. You also see the picture which expanded the state of the battery exchange into a TV screen of Way Tin Groom in the store by a microscope by live broadcasting at the inside. “A battery exchange lifts a lid and doesn’t just change a battery.” and, I have a lot of impressions. It’s possible to see repairing of a clock of an important memory in glass etsu. Only consultation is possible, so please inquire any time.

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Battery replacement

In our shop 's battery exchange, we have you choose the work content. Because we are a specialty shop, we are committed to replacing batteries. Of course, I will explain the current state of health of the watch and advice etc. It is a live battery exchange that you can see the work on the TV monitor.